Monday, March 24, 2008

Wednesday March 26, 2008

Today was another shooting day; along with another tour this one was from the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. This tour started at 10:30am and is only given on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. It was a very interesting tour; there was a lot of history in that cemetery. Such as the grave of Hugh Grant haha that was a joke they told us, and we also saw the grave were a famous case Plessey vs. Ferguson, well we saw were Ferguson is buried. It was interesting because yesterday we saw were Plessey was buried. Plessey is buried in St. Louis Cemetery.
After the tour Caitlin and I went and photographed the cemetery on our own for about an hour. We then left the cemetery and caught the street car back down to Canal Street were we had lunch and took the other street car up to the another couple of cemeteries.
We walked around at least two or three more cemeteries when we were dropped off. We then photographed for about an hour and hoped back on to the street car and went back to the hotel where we uploaded our images and did a very informal critique but had a great amount of feed back.
Once done with that a group of us went to dinner at Big Al’s Seafood, were I tried a fresh oyster,
a boiled crawfish and my dinner which was fried crab fingers. I have to say that the crawfish and the fingers were not the best thing that I had ever had and would probably not get it again. The crab fingers were like the claw end but just the meat. I would not recommend it. The oyster was good it just slid right down the back of your throat.

After dinner Brittany and I went and sat in the pool for about an hour or so. The pool is so nice it is heated and very relaxing and that is just what I needed after shooting for five hours today my face got a lot of sun. It feels so good to be in nice sunny degree weather.

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