Friday, April 4, 2008

Saturday March 29, 2008

Today was pretty much the last day to shoot, and guess what it was cloudy. What a day to shoot.. Caitlin, Antonio, and Kiss went out to St. Louis Cemetery. Then we walked back to the hotel were we meet another group. We got into the van and went to St. Roch Cemetery with Jess, Maria, Jodie, Caitlin, Brett, and Jorie It was very interesting because there was a working digging up a grave for a funeral on Sunday. We got to see what the pebble stone crypts look like. It was just a normal wooden box.
Once we were done with the cemetery we went to the tree planting ceremony. I got more houses and some lunch.
While Caitlin and myself were walking up the street a gentlemen came up to us and told us that this neighbor hood has the highest murder rate in the city, and then followed that comment with and I quote "But what beautiful place to die." Well taking that all in we decided to stay there another hour, just kidding we pretty much went back to the group and voiced our opinion that it was time to go. After that neighbor hood we took a ride over to the 9th Ward. We were literally feet away from were the levees broke. It was pretty intense. To see a open field where hundreds of houses once stood was just I don't even know if I could put into words how it made you feel. Caitlin and I walked around this non-existing neighbor hood photographing houses and empty lots. It started to rain out so we started back to the van.
We got back to the hotel and went to dinner.
Then it was Bourbon Street time.

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